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Ballina Rehearsal Studio gets an Off Axis Sound upgrade

We’re pleased to announce that Off Axis Sound has just completed the upgrades for Ballina Rehearsal Studio.

After careful consideration and consultation, the studio has now become a multi-track recording facility, capable of delivering excellent sonic results. When consulting on studio installs or upgrades i always preach about getting the core of your system right… considering not only your immediate needs, but your future ones too. Consider the quality that you’re striving for, the amount of record channels you require, your monitoring needs, your ability to connect with external equipment, expand later on, etc etc….

After discussing the brief with owner Daniel Hancock, there really was only one choice for the recording system – Allen & Heath’s ZED-R16 Firewire recording mixer feeding Pro Tools 10 / 11. The console is beautifully designed, has fantastic Pre-amps and EQ, and offers 16 channels of recording via its inbuilt Firewire interface (channel count can be expanded to 24 in the future via ADAT connections). At Off Axis Sound, we practice what we preach – all of Attunga Worship’s tracks on our listen page were recording on an A&H ZED-R16.

To complete the control room setup, Tannoy Reveal 802’s were chosen as the studio monitors, and Audio Technica ATH-M50X Headphones w/ SM Pro Audio Headphone amps complete monitoring for artists.

To ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible, the studio was also fit out with an Off Axis Sound Custom Built PC running dual Windows 7 & Windows 8 operating systems to support the 3 most recent versions of Pro Tools. Pro Tools 10, Pro Tools 11, and Pro Tools 12 (coming soon). A new generation overclocked Intel core i5 processor and Solid State Hard Drives means this baby flies and handles the most demanding sessions like they’re nothing. During testing, i was punch in / punch out recording 16 channels of audio simultaneously at 48K / 32Bit at a buffer size of 32 without so much as a hiccup… the CPU meter barely budged!

To ensure the best audio quality for bands and clientele, BRS was kitted out with Audix DP5A drum mics, Shure 57’s and 58’s, and a couple of beautiful SE Electronics condensers  / Tube Mics for acoustic and lead vocal duties.

Saul will be running recording sessions at Ballina Rehearsal Studio, so clients get the added benefit of accessing the full Off Axis Sound Mic Collection, pre-amps and outboard for the ultimate in quality.

To turn your rehearsal into a recording session, get in contact with Daniel at Ballina Rehearsal Studio, or Saul at Off Axis Sound via our contact us page.

If your studio is due for an upgrade, you’re building one from scratch, or you just need a basic system to capture your ideas, get in touch to discuss your needs and how Off Axis Sound can help.

Happy music making.