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Byron Sound Lounge & Off Axis Sound – Ready to Record!

Stoked to announce that initial testing at Chilli A Chilcott’s Byron Sound Lounge was a great success!

Threw up some of my favourite drum mic’s around Chilli’s DW Custom Maple, to have a listen to the room and i was wrapped with the result. A few minor tweaks and Off Axis Sound in conjunction with Byron Sound Lounge will be ready to record your next project.

The Soundtracks Topaz console was used as the front end – it was clean, quiet and returned a really solid result.
The console fed 16 Line Inputs of the Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 / Octopre combo, and went onto Nuendo. The signal path also went via a 16-track 2 Inch Tape machine, but we didn’t record to tape on this occasion.

The Kick sounded MASSIVE when captured by my Audix D6 & Audio Technica AT4047, Toms were fat and deep courtesy of Sennheiser MD 421’s & an MD441, the whole kit was captured by vintage AKG C451 / CK1 OH’s, a Mono Ribbon and C414’s further back in the room. The room was really what i wanted to hear – this is the make or break factor for a good drum sound. The room was really pleasing – the walls are a cement rendered finish, with an intentionally uneven curvy design. This diffuses top end really well and brings a bit of life into the sound. There were also no obvious room nodes or blooming bass frequencies messing up the overall sound so the result was a tight and punchy kit sound from the close mics, and a well balanced room sound with a bit of life – perfectly versatile for a huge range of genres! The rooms are pushed up a bit in the attached recording so you can hear them.

After initial testing, Byron Sound Lounge gets a massive thumbs up from Off Axis Sound, and we’re both pleased to be able to offer Multi-track recording to bands currently rehearsing at the space, or new artists who are looking to get into the studio for some quality recording.

Clients booking Off Axis / Sound Lounge sessions benefit from not only the in-house record system, but get access to the impressive range of Off Axis Sound equipment too.

Get in Touch with Chilli on 0421440105 or Contact Us to arrange a session today!
Enjoy your Easter / Blues Fest weekend and stay out of the rain. See you in the studio soon.



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