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New Gear for the Off Axis Collection

I’ll admit it… i’m a bit of a gear snob.

I like good equipment cause i’m passionate about sound and capturing things right. If your performance is on the mark and sends shivers down the spine of anyone listening to it live… it outta do the same for anyone who listens to my recording of it. Thats why i’ve splashed out on some new goodies, and i can’t wait to put them to work…


Audient ASP880

This stellar 8 channel pre-amp has become a new favourite and helped pull a killer drum sound on Ben Purnells recent EP.

RME Octamic-D

Another 8 Channels of German engineered quality pre-amps. Neutral and honest. I’ve put these lovely pre’s to work on all sorts of sources, from drums to brass, woodwind and vocals. Often get picked for natural uncoloured recordings.

Ward Beck M600 Custom Racked Stereo Pre-amps

My god…. these Pre’s are incredible. Hand build Canadian pre-amps that sound MASSIVE… but tight and o’ so classy. I had them racked by Tom Gruning of Gruning Audioworks and requested VU meters, phase switches and -20dB pads. They also have a master output so you can drive the gain hard and back off the output to achieve some creamy harmonic distortion!


I have the good fortune of living 10 mins from one of the best microphone manufacturers on this planet. Ben Sneesby of Beesneez microphones recently did a couple of upgrades for me and now my Peluso 2247LE and (original) Rode Classic are better than ever… incredible in fact.

My Peluso 2247LE is one of my absolute favourite mics… but i always found that it could be a tad too strident in the high mids and i wanted it tamed a bit. After consultation with Ben, i chose to give it a K7 Capsule… a cross between Neumman’s K47 Capsule (of U47 Fame) and Neumann’s other most famed capsule, the M7 (Featured in the Meumann M49). I also stepped up to the Beesneez power supply and i have to admit, i had never realised what an insane difference the power supply could make – its huge. The result…. The harshness is gone, the clarity is enhanced, the frequency response is much more even, and its warm… oh so warm. I love it.

Rode Classic Upgrade

The Rode, i wanted something a little more modern. I didn’t want to change it too much… just wanted to refine and enhance it.
What i got though was what has turned out to be the best mics i’ve ever used (and believe me i’ve used some goodies). We fit it out with the Beesneez M7 capsule and its modern, punchy, deep (really deep) but just sits in a mix so nicely. Stoked with this one!

Beyer Dynamic MC930 Stereo Pair

I have always loved my vintage AKG C451 / CK1’s, and have used them exclusively on Acoustic guitar and Drum Overheads for quite sometime, however…. MC930’s have added versatility to my mic arsenal and have become my go to for Acoustics. They are incredible! By comparison, they’re rounder, fuller, more “natural” and many pro’s out there would pick them ahead of the venerable Neumann KM84… seriously, they’re that good! Mine have only had the pleasure of “hearing” acoustic guitars thus far, so i cant wait to throw them on your drumkit, wind instruments, strings or percussion!

Thats all for now, but i’ll be sure to update when i add more to the collection. In the meantime, get in touch to do some recording so we can give this stuff a workout!

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