Sometimes its not enough to simply record “Live” in a studio environment – sometimes to cut to the core of who YOU are and what YOU do, we have to capture you in your element – on the stage!

  • Does the video content on your website have the sound quality to do you justice?
  • Ready to release a live record?
  • Want a product to sell at your shows?

Contact us at Off Axis Sound to arrange for a Live Sound Recording.

So what does an Off Axis Sound Live recording entail?

It’s a normal gig for you, albeit with a few important exceptions…

  • *Saul mixes your show, ensuring you and your audience get the best sonic experience possible.
  • “Standard” live mics are replaced or supplemented with mic choices that increase clarity, reduce unwanted spill, clean up your stage sound in order to deliver a better recording.
  • Your PA & Foldback is tuned to perfection, ensuring maximum clarity and punch for your audience, for you, and helping keep boomy unwanted spill out of your recording.
  • Your audience is captured too, ensuring that your live recording is as authentic as possible.
  • Top notch studio gear used to enhance the recording signal path.
  • Up to 24 simultaneous tracks captured in 48Khz / 24 Bit resolution.

* If you’d prefer to use your own FOH engineer or the in house guy, thats fine too.