Sometimes the best songs aren’t quite songs yet… they’re a riff, a melody, or a simple guitar accompaniment under your finished lyrics and melody. It needs something more, something different, but you’re not quite sure what. Producing music is the art of taking this basic framework and turning it into a final product.

Having an extensive background as a multi-instrumentalist, Saul works with you to add the parts that your song needs (and take away the parts it doesn’t). Together we workshop your tracks, define your musical genre, create “scratch tracks” as an example of your final product, and then we hit the studio to record it for real. Don’t have a band? No problem. As well as being able to perform many of the instrumental duties on your record, including  Bass, Acoustic & Rhythm guitars, and Backing vocals, Saul is connected with some of the best session musicians from the local area and around the country to ensure your session band is the most appropriate for your sound and musical genre.

Check out Anika Giselle’s “Up” or “Camera Lense” for tracks that started as a simple acoustic guitar and vocal melody and became something much bigger and more emotive.