If your message is important and you need to get traction with your audience, record it well. If your message and your recording of it don’t reconcile – you’ve lost your listener and along with them, your opportunity.

  • A guided meditation CD that has so much background noise that it’s distracting – it fails to achieve its purpose of helping the listener into a meditative state.
  • A corporate voice over that sounds like it’s been recorded in a closet – your authority is diminished and your message undermined.
  • A sales pitch for high end retail items with a cheap sounding voiceover that makes you think $2 shop – you’ve lost your customer.

Instead, Imagine this….

Saul at Off Axis Sound uses the best (most appropriate) mics for your voice over so that your brief and your intention hit the mark with your audience first time, every time. You want punchy & authoritative? No problem. Calm and evocative? Too easy. What ever your message, whom ever your audience we’ll help you get through to them.

Off Axis Sound is completely mobile, so if you can’t get away from the office, we can come to you.